UKDTR 2018 Prize Draw
Draw date : Sunday 16th December 2018

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Set up in 2014 by a small group of experienced deer managers, the UKDTR is a Tracking Register run on a voluntary basis to assist deer stalkers and land managers in recovering the small percentage of culled deer not easily found by stalkers or those searching for a wounded deer after a road traffic collision (RTC).

Based upon similar registers long established in Europe the UKDTR has helped develop Best Practice in Deer Management in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

For Dog/handler teams seeking to enter onto the UKDTR Register they must pass both a handler exam and a cold scent tracking test.

The handler exams deal with:
  • Legislation
  • A code of ethics
  • Analysis of strike sites
  • The management of recovery attempts

The teams also need to successfully follow a >20hr old cold scent track that is laid in a game rich environment (including wound beds, turns and backtracks).  This field test is judged by very experience mentor trackers from Denmark and Belgium and is based upon the cold scent test standards used in these countries.

Open to all breeds of dogs, the UKDTR currently has 21 handler/dog teams on the register located throughout the British Isles.

All tracking work undertaken via the UKDTR Register is done for no fee or favour and is governed by our code of ethics.  The recovery service is free and confidential; our focus is on a high standard of deer welfare.

Throughout the country and over the course of a year the UKDTR deliver numerous training seminars for deer managers in effective follow-up and key aspects deer dog work.

Thanks to the kind generosity of our supporters we have pulled together a fantastic 2018 PRIZE DRAW.  The funds regenerated from this draw will help us deliver more deer manager training and help with the running costs of the UKDTR.

Tickets will be sold up to midnight Saturday 15th December.

Best of luck to all those buying tickets and entering our draw.



The Raffle Prizes

  • Devon Custom Rifle build available in following S/A calibre
    22-250/ 6mm BR / 243 / 260 / 6.5 Creedmore / 308 win /   7mm-08 , complete with choice of 3 fully adjustable stocks supplied by Form Stocks
  • Leupold Binoculars donated by Viking Arms
  • Derek Clifford quad sticks
  • Am&Pm stalk in Oxford, Fallow/Roe/Muntjac  donated by Cervus uk
  • Roe buck stalk Somerset donated by Jon Sale
  • Am&Pm stalk Warwickshire  Roe/ Muntjac donated by  Richard Evans
  • Quality knife donated by Highland Hunting knives
  • Stalkers mate lifting device donated by Keith Watson
  • 100 Centrefire Ammunition up to .308 donated by Remington
  • Rovince tickproof trousers donated by Darren Bullock
  • Limulus quad sticks donated by Anthony Coyle
  • £50 Gift voucher donated by Knibbs country store
  • £50 Gift voucher for Sportsman gun centre donated by Jon Lee
  • Hunters deluxe double shoulder deer drag donated by Jon Lee
  • Promos wind checker donated by Jon Lee
  • Am&Pm Muntjac stalk Lincolnshire  donated by Sarbjit Marwaha
  • Roe stalk Perthshire Scotland donated by Mike Guild

How to buy your Raffle Tickets

Tickets can be purchased via PayPal …

Payment to be sent under FRIENDS/FAMILY please so we do not incur the processing charges in £5 increments, £10 x 2, £15 x 3 etc.

Please make absolutely sure to leave your Name and Contact Number in reference box so we can reply and allocate a ticket number to you.  The details will also be used to contact you if you are a prize winner!

Tickets can be bought for cash at shows and events - see our Calendar of Events link on our News Page… showing events we will be attending throughout the year.  Tickets can be purchased from any UKDTR member.

If you do not have a PayPal account and would like to pay via bank transfer, please contact who will be able to process ticket payments for you.

Tickets will be sold up to midnight Saturday 15th December.


Please make sure and add your name and
contact number in the box below, before
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Terms and Conditions for the
UKDTR 2018 Raffle Prize Draw

  • Recipients of any rifle prizes must hold the necessary firearms certification to take possession of their prizes.
  • There is no cash alternative.
  • Winners will be notified by telephone or email shortly following the draw and by post no later than 2 weeks after the draw date.
  • The raffle is open to all recipients, in their name only, except UKDTR Committee members and their families, agencies or other companies having any connection with the production of the draw.
  • No tickets or entry into the raffle can be to or on behalf of a person under the age of 18. If a ticket is sold knowingly to or on behalf of a person under 18, they will be exempt from the competition and forfeit their prize.
  • Late entries will be considered as donations.
  • UKDTR will accept no responsibility for lost or damaged entries.
  • UKDTR reserves the right to use the name(s) of the winner(s) in an abbreviated form and a photograph in any future mailings or promotional material.
  • Profits from this raffle and prize draw will be used to maintain the UKDTR register and associated training and education events.
  • If you would like to find out more information about raffles and lotteries please go to
  • Please keep the ticket number as record of proof of purchase.




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