Training and Development Days:
These days are the means by which we hope to encourage more people to gain knowledge of how to train their dog to track wounded animals. Training is open to anyone with an interest in tracking dogs regardless of whether they wish to become involved with the UKDTR volunteer scheme or not.  See the News section for dates.

Introduction day:
This day will cover:

  • Shot site (strike) scenario and why shot site inspection is so important to tracking
  • Breeds of dog and choosing a puppy
  • Training equipment
  • Principles of scent
  • Starting training, classroom and practical sessions on how to get started and maintain progress.

These days are ideal for those who are starting out in tracking or want to train a new dog the right way for tracking purposes.  Even if you have used dogs for tracking in the past but have not given them structured training, or had a chance to discuss training techniques with experienced handlers, you will find this day useful. Dogs are welcome and will usually get an opportunity to do a short track. 

Development day:
Before attending these days you are encouraged to attend an introduction day with us or one of the other organisations, and to have carried out a number of training, and if possible real, tracks on your own.  Attendance is a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to become part of UK Deer Track and Recovery as one of our volunteer tracking teams.

The Development days will cover:

  • Shooter/tracker analysis of incident
  • Shot site inspection, scenarios and decision making
  • Tracks put down at different lengths of time and through different terrains to give the dog and handler more experience.
  • Help while working your dog on the trail; how to read your dog better and help with problems
  • Equipment needed when tracking live
  • Dispatching animals at the end of a track
  • Insurance, risk assessment and best practice.
  • Q and A session

Test days:
We regard test days equally as training/skills development days which is why our judges will always give feedback after a test.

Unfortunately we have to charge for training in order to cover costs, but will endeavour to keep prices as low as possible.

There will be a reduction of fee for those that complete both a successful 20 hour test and attend our development day in any order.

The prices of training and test days will be given on the News page along with future dates as soon as they are arranged.  


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